5 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Bedroom Feel Much, Much Bigger

by William Hunter Howell

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In many ways, life is a kaleidoscope of complex contradictions, but none of them are more frustrating than the bedroom allocation problem that all parents have to contend with. Now we don’t think stuffing Harry Potter into the cupboard under the stairs was morally right but, in on paper, it makes total sense to give the smallest member of the family the smallest room in the house. However, this is where the big contradiction lays because while they are small in size, they are probably big on stuff.


We know this because there is not a child in the country that knows or cares about minimalism. In their gorgeous little heads more is better and that is exactly why they have more bits, bobs and general things than anyone else under your roof. But this only makes up a small dollop of the space battle.


Unlike your bedroom (which is used for sleeping and hiding from your kids), they need space in their rooms to keep their toys, to host play dates, to run away with the fairies, do their homework, build lego structures, dance around in their Belle dresses, enjoy a game of two aside footy and, most importantly, have their best friends around for a sleepover (and there you were thinking the kitchen was a multifunctional room). All this and it still needs to burst with life and reflect the personality of your not-so-little little one.


What we are saying is this: kids rooms are the hardest working rooms in the house and, because they are the smallest, they need to work that much harder. So, without further ado, here is how you can make their space feel that much more ginormous:


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  1. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Storage

Your kid’s bits and bobs have this mesmerising ability to overthrow every other room in the house. Your bedroom, the spare bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the dog’s kennel. It is incredible how much stuff they have. That is why you must not underestimate your storage needs, not just now but in the future too. To put it bluntly, children are the ultimate hoarders. Like squirrels preparing for a long winter, they accumulate as much stuff as they physically can. So make sure you have plenty of storage options and make sure you go with pieces that offer you more space than your child may need right this second.


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  1. Take It To Another Level

In a child’s bedroom, floor space is king. That is why you need to figure out how you can maximise this. In our experience, one of the most amazing solutions is to take their bed up a level – literally. The most popular way of achieving this is to get one of those mid-height study bunks with a desk beneath it, the kind that suggests your kid is more likely to play solitaire alone than have friends over. Of course, if they are going to have friends over, then a good old fashioned bunk bed will tick all the boxes without stealing more floor than necessary. However, another magical route you can dance down is building a raised sleeping platform with plenty of storage below it. Look at that, two metaphorical birds with one theoretical stone. Awesome.


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  1. Height Is Your Best Friend Here

Your kid’s room is your kid’s room. It is their little piece of solitude where they can get up to no good, chill out, read, play Xbox, run away to and hide from their parents in. That is where the incorporation of a mezzanine can change the game and see you become the best parent ever. How so? Simple. A mezzanine becomes that pseudo-secret spot that provides a cosy chill out area, hidden above the eye line of prying parents or annoying siblings. It’s what makes a typical bedroom totally badass and the ultimate hangout zone. What’s more, it also plays into the hands of the ‘floor space is king’ concept by simply creating more of it.


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  1. Think Small, Like Alice In Wonderland

If your child’s bedroom really is short on space then one of the best tips and tricks to champion is the use of kid-sized furniture. It could be a child-sized set of table and chairs (perfect for hosting imaginary tea parties with teddy bears), or a miniature desk or any number of smile-inducing furniture options. Not only will these make your child’s room look unbearable cute-slash-sweet, they will also tuck nicely into a corner, meaning your kid still has plenty of space to play.


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  1. Clutter, Clutter, No More Clutter

Nothing makes a small room seem tiny quite as successfully as clutter. That is why you should do everything you can to keep your child’s bedroom clutter-free. If you haven’t already tried it, electric shock therapy is a great way of encouraging your kids to tidy up after themselves without you having to ask thirteen-and-a-half times. No, in all seriousness, your best option is to have a mixture of storage options that they can reach. Try adding a couple of gorgeous treasure chests that they can throw their toys into and some built-in cupboards with wide shelving that they can stuff their bits onto. Basically, the clearer the floor is, the more light and airy their room will feel.


And there we have it, five simple ways to create an optical illusion bedroom.