Sweet Dreams Series Pt.1: What Matters In A Mattress?

by Gen Y Copy

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Up until right now, I have never had the chance to speak on behalf of the entire human race. However, I think it is safe to say there is nothing worse than enduring a night of zero sleep, the kind that leaves you more fragile than an autumn leaf the next day. All that tossing and turning and tossing some more as you groggily try and find that little piece of comfort you hope will lead to some decent slumber at long last, your ticking clock a reminder that you have work in a couple of hours.


If your head is nodding at the familiarity of this scenario then it is time for you to invest in the perfect mattress – one that suits you and your needs, and finally puts an end to all those sleepless nights and achy mornings.


Unfortunately, though, getting your hands on the perfect mattress doesn’t fall into the category marked ‘easy’ because it takes a lot more than just heading to your local bed superstore and laying on each of the beds for ten seconds (#sorrynotsorry). Nope. Getting the right mattress is all about a little known thing called research.


Luckily, to help you on your search for the Holy Grail, we have pulled together what experts are calling The Ultimate Guide To Knowing What Matters In A Mattress, meaning you can hit our superstore with the kind of swagger that says, “That’s right, I’m in the know.” Good night’s sleep, here we come.


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It’s All In The Name


Let’s imagine you’re in New York’s infamous Times Square for a minute. You’ve seen the sights, taken a thousand photographs and now you want to try the best hot dog this place has to offer; are you going to go to the vendor with zero customers or the guy that has a queue halfway around the block? Exactly. The same concept goes for choosing a mattress, which is why we recommend you start your search for the ultimate mattress by quickly checking the label. That way you know you are getting the very best product from the very best manufacturers. Who are the best manufacturers? Well, to put it into Layman’s terms:


  • Sealy are Aston Martin
  • Relyon are Bentley
  • Hypnos are Rolls Royce
  • SilentNight are Porsche


Basically, you are guaranteed a top quality mattress from any one of these mattress-making gods.


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Your Three Main Mattress Choices


Okay, so there are actually four main choices if you are including open spring mattresses, but we wouldn’t recommend one these for those struggling to get one wink, never mind forty. If you are looking for a great value option to shove in your spare bedroom and still have it look like a boutique hotel then this could be the answer to all your woes. But as a full-time, permanently-used mattress, no way. The continuous coil just don’t offer the support you are after, which leaves us with:


The Pocket Spring: of all the spring based mattresses, this is the one that oozes the most luxury. That’s because these are made of little, individual springs that are neatly tucked into their own pockets within the fabric – hence the name. Because of the springs being independent of one another, they move independently and that is what makes them more supportive. It is then up to you whether you go with soft, medium or firm (more on that coming the week after next). To give you some benefits that will slot nicely into the ‘pros’ column, pocket spring mattresses are one of the most breathable options available, which could be a deal maker if you are someone that gets hot and clammy even though it is winter. Pocket springs are also a great option if you are loved up because the independent springs will cater to both you and your wife/partner/lover in terms of weights and needs, meaning you won’t find yourselves rolling into the middle and then having a midnight argument about who is on who’s side.


Our top choice: the Hypnos Beech Supreme

Best value: the Relyon Argyll Mattress


The Memory Foam: unless you have been sleeping under a rock (which could have something to do with your inability to sleep), you will have no doubt heard of memory foam mattresses by now, which are made from a mouldable material designed to keep your interests at heart by considering things like your temperature and weight and all that sort of stuff. Yeah, that’s right, memory foam literally moulds to the shape of your body. If you are someone that isn’t keen on the whole sinking feeling, or someone that hates getting too warm at night, then you may want to consider one of the other options. However, if you are someone that constantly goes on about their lower back hurting or dodgy knees then this could revolutionise your life by supporting you where needed, as well as keeping your spine aligned whenever you turn onto your side.


Our top choice: the Salus Contempo V 3000

Best value: the Kayflex Memory Gold


The Latex Mattress: if you are thinking that this mattress is possibly, maybe, definitely made of latex foam, then give yourself a gold star because you are absolutely right. Anyway, if you are someone that hates overheating in the night then the very idea of a latex mattress should be giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly because it is known to be wonderfully breathable. The other great benefit of going down the latex route is it is super-durable, meaning you will get years and years out of this sleep-inducing investment. It is worth pointing out that these mattresses can feel rather solid to begin with though, so if you have a better relationship with softer beds then it could be worth looking elsewhere.


Our top choice: the Sealy Nostramo 1400

Best value: the Sealy Jubilee


Now that is covered, we recommend you put a note in your diary because two weeks from now we will be giving you a low down in whether soft, medium or firm is the right choice for your needs. Until then, stay wonderful.