Sweet Dreams Pt 2: Picking The Perfect Pillow

by Gen Y Copy

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Now we don’t want to make presumptions here, but if you consider yourself to fall under the rather undefined bell curve of ‘normal’ then you probably spend around a third of your days in the land of nod. That’s right. Most people spend 33.333333333% of their day in bed, fast asleep, dreaming about Matthew McConaughey in Sahara (what? Just us! Damn!). Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. I mean, if you are a new parent then you’ve probably forgotten what the words ‘sleep’ and ‘normal’ mean and if you are a student pretending to get a degree so that you can party at a university packed full of likeminded people then you probably have your own definition of sleep given that you only spend a third of your day out of bed.


Anyway, the point is this: we all tend to sleep a lot, and one of the most important pieces of the sleep puzzle is your pillow. Choosing the right mattress is definitely up there, but getting your pillow perfect is more important than everything Donald Trump has ever said combined. That’s a bad example, but you see what I am saying.


Pick the wrong pillow and all those Zzzzz’s you were looking forward to become as non-existent as a Groosefrumple. From here on out it will be broken sleep, tossing and turning and the odd curse word thrown toward the night’s sky, no one able to hear you as they enjoy a spot of well-needed rest. However, arm yourself with the perfect pillow and you can make your bedroom feel like a boutique hotel room, create the comfiest kids room ever imagined and even get a good night’s sleep while partaking in a little bit of September camping. Oh, perfect pillows, how we love you so.


Finding the one that is right for you though, that takes a little bit of effort and a smidgen of knowledge, which is where we come in:

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What Makes The Pillow Perfect?

Everyone has different preferences in life. Some people like Marmite and some people loathe it. Some people voted Republican and the rest of the world didn’t. It is about choosing what is right for you. When it comes to buying a pillow, however, the aim of the game is getting the firmness right because you want a pillow that is going to keep your neck and spine as aligned as possible. That translates to: pick a pillow that stops any gap forming between your neck and your mattress. There. Simple.


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Why Your Sleep Position Matters

The position you like to adopt when you slip beneath the covers (hey, cheeky!) is going to have a big influence over the kind of pillow you want. That’s because the loft and height of your pillow will become affected. “What is this nonsense you are talking about”, I hear you ask? Well, let’s say you have a penchant for sleeping on your belly or your back; that’s when something much flatter, like this Serenity Pillow, will benefit you more because it is going to ensure your neck is properly aligned. If you are a side-sleeper, then you will want to go for a much loftier pillow to fill that much more exaggerated gap we’ve mentioned a couple of times now; something like the Super Comfort Pillow perhaps.


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Never Forget About The Filling

Pillows are a lot like sandwiches in the sense you can choose different fillings. Okay, so that’s the only similarity, but that doesn’t make the analogy any less beautiful. The reason this is important to know is different fillings come with different pros and cons and degrees of firmness. Don’t worry; we’re going to delve into that in a bit more detail for you now:

  • Down or feather: These are a joy when it comes to comfort and adjustability, something a lot of people are seeking on their hunt for slumber. They are also wonderful at providing head-based support, eliminating any pressure point pain while also boosting the circulation of blood around your head, neck and shoulders by reducing the chances of – what we like to call – face squashing. The downside, however, is these pillows can start to smell after time, especially if you live in a humid area, in a campervan, on a boat or in a house with an inconvenient leak. These pillows are also not going to be overly friendly with anyone that suffers from asthma or allergies.  
  • Memory foam: Like the microwave, how this technology works still blows my mind a little bit; the way the sponge-like material moulds itself to your body shape to offer you the ultimate support. It is like having your head cradled by the Virgin Mary herself. This is great if you want a pillow that offers support, while also working to alleviate any aches or pains you may suffer from. As for the cons, well, not everyone likes that sinking feeling.
  • Latex: I know I’m mentioning the word ‘latex’ within the context of the bedroom but, please, try not to get too excited. These are just pillows. The way latex pillows work is through a rubber polymer that bounces back to shape, offering you – the wannabe sleeper – the ultimate experience in comfort and support. Both the Serenity and Super Comfort pillows we mentioned earlier are latex, and we get nothing but flowers and chocolates as a thank you for pushing customers toward these magicians of sleep. What sets this material apart from memory foam is its ability to instantly bounce back into shape, meaning they are super-reactive to pressure. Oh, and did we mention they are also hypoallergenic. Fancy, huh.
  • The other two types that are worth mentioning are orthopaedic and synthetic pillows. The orthopaedic ones are great if you really struggle from neck or back pain, while synthetic pillows should be avoided at all costs. Okay, that was strong, but they are just so cheap, they don’t last long and they offer next to nothing in support. Not exactly the path to pillow perfection if you ask us.


Cover Them Correctly

Yup, how you cover your pillows is important too. We know, so much to think about. From my experience, though, I would always recommend you use natural fabrics (like cotton) for the simple reason that they offer far better breathability. We would champion the same cause when it comes to your filling because natural fillings have two big benefits: a) the breathability thing again and b) they can absorb and disperse any excess moisture. Clever little things, aren’t they.


And there it is, the answer to all your pillow-related questions. Okay, that isn’t strictly true because we are going to do a specific blog that tackles the fact not all sleepers are born equal. It is a sucky realisation but one that you need to accept. Some people are just born with the ability to sleep through a thunderstorm while curled up in lion’s den while others suffer from sleep problems that keep them awake. It is just how it is. Anyway, watch out for that.


In the meantime, though, have fun picking the perfect pillow and enjoying a lifetime of deep sleep, delectable dreams and being free of all those morning aches and pains you have gotten all but used to. Until next time, you stay classy, Cambridgeshire (or wherever you are).