6 Reasons Natural Bedding Is All You Need

The only way is down


If you’ve ever struggled with sleep, even if just a smidgen, then you’ll know there’s more to a sweet slumber session than slipping into your favourite pyjamas, getting under the covers and closing your eyes. No, sireee. You need to be creating the perfect sleeping environment too. But you already knew this; it’s why you own an eye mask and why you’re phone seems to have at least twelve different sleep apps (half of which play jungle-wave sounds, while the other half monitor your sleep patterns just to relay what you already knew – you suck at sleeping!).


What you may not know, though, is how important the role your bedding plays in the whole how-to-create-the-perfect-environment equation. Spoiler alert: it’s massive. From your pillows to your mattress protector, your mattress to your duvet and, yeah, even your sheets; it all comes into play and, given we spend a third of our lives in bed (a little more if you are a student and a lot less if you are a parent), it makes sense for us to invest in the best bedding our budget will allow.


Of course, money isn’t the only important factor here; your lifestyle and the environment are also pretty important things to take into consideration, which is why so many people are now opting for natural, organic bedding as the only way to go. And it makes sense. After all, how can you hope to get a good night’s sleep if all you can think about is an impending armageddon brought about by our total disregard for the world in which we live? Exactly. You can’t.


If, however, you’re more of an apathetic-type and saving the world isn’t a good enough a reason for you to go natural, don’t give up just yet  because there are plenty of other reasons why natural bedding is The Goat (The Greatest Of All Time), and here are some of them:


The perfect lie-in


  1. Not Too Hot & Not Too Cold

There is only one thing worse than tossing and turning and sweating all night long because you’re too hot and clammy, and that’s waking up in the middle of the night feeling so cold that you’re face is shivering and your toes are so cold they’re actually emitting a light blue glow. But that’s what happens when you use bedding made of synthetic material. Summers are unbearable and winters are horrendous which, all-in-all, make life mildly rubbish. That’s where Mother Nature comes in because natural beddings is like a temperature regulating superhero. In the summer they work to keep you nice and cool and in the winter they keep you more toasty than a cheese sandwich, ergo you get a way better night’s sleep.


Growing old gracefully


  1. Last A Lifetime (Or Two)

Where synthetics think have the upperhand is with their durability and that’s because synthetic materials are made to last longer. The good news is, all this mumbo jumbo is irrelevant because who wants to endure a lifetime not sleeping well? Hmm, that’s what we thought. Luckily for you, when we say natural cottons and fabrics don’t last as long, that doesn’t mean they don’t last a long time. They do. They really do. And that’s because they are biologically tough. Here’s the best bit though: natural bedding stays in tip top condition for way longer than its pretender-counterpart. This is good news because a) you won’t have to replace your bedding every other week and b) you’ll have a bed that loves you as much as you love it; you’ll have a bed you miss when you are away; you’ll have a bed that looks and feels the same no matter how much wear and tear it goes through.


  1. We Like Comfort Zones

Have you ever gotten into bed one night and thought, “whoa, what’s up with the pancake pillow?” Well, you’re not alone and, if it’s just your pillow, then we’d say you’re actually quite lucky because both pillows and duvets can become part of flatsgate after the most minimal use. Naturally stuffed pillows and duvets, however, ones that are filled with wool or down, they stay plumper for longer. This isn’t just good news for your sleep, it’s great news for your health because, believe it or not, our body’s quite like being supported while they’re recovering. So while some people believe nothing good ever came from comfort zones, we think they’re wrong – a great night’s sleep does.


  1. Hygiene Is Two-Thirds Of Health

We’ve already waxed lyrical on how natural bedding helps regulate your body’s temperature, but what we didn’t mention was how much more hygienic this makes it. First off, natural materials work to keep moisture away from your body, meaning you won’t get stuck to your sheets and mattress like you would with synthetic options. That’s a tick in the good column right there. The other thing that’s worth mentioning is, mattresses and pillows that are made of natural fabrics help the air circulate more freely, which is good because that means your mattress is less likely to harbour so many yukky bacteria.


A mattress is for life


  1. The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

When synthetic bedding comes to the end of its life, it goes to landfill. It’s as simple as that. It’s done with good and proper. But when you’re done with your natural bedding, wow, the possibilities are endless and that’s because they are biodegradable. We’re talking about them getting recycled and turned into things like rugs and carpets and mats and seat belts and even renewable energy. So, basically, even after you’re finished saving the world, you keep on saving the world. It’s amazing.


  1. You Can Get Everywhere

When something becomes popular, it becomes widely available, and that’s exactly what has happened with natural bedding. It has become available everywhere or, as we should say, it’s become available at all good, world-saving bed superstores, just like ours. That means you won’t have to trawl around town or spend hours traipsing through shops in order to get your hands on the best naturally-made bedding money can buy. Cue the party poppers and a loud chorus of, “wahoo’s”.