The Dream: An Incredible Mattress For Every Budget

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In case you haven’t stepped inside our Bed Superstore recently, you may have forgotten just how big the mattress market is. So, to remind you, it’s huge. No. It’s ginormous. No. It’s monumentally massive. And the reason we’re telling you this because we don’t want you to get all pumped about buying yourself a new sleeping platform only to get totally overwhelmed and flummoxed when you arrive. That’s the worst. Yet it happens so often. Even if you know your price limit, buying a great mattress can be an immensely stupefying experience.


But don’t panic just yet because, to help you out some, we’ve pulled together a quick guide of the best mattress manufacturers to look at no matter how big or small your budget is. All you have to do now is pop in store, perform the buying test and, voila, you’re all set for an eternity of sweet slumbers.


Silentnight sleepers


For The Savvy-Spender: SilentNight


If you’re looking for the elusive cheap but good mattress, the kind that has won a ton of great reviews and awards but won’t make your wallet cry for the next decade, then you should pop your head in and take a look at what Silentnight has to offer.


On the spring-loaded front, you’ll do well to find anything better than the Atala Miricoil Pillowtop, a mattress that knows what it’s doing when it comes to incredible comfort, optimal support and pressure relief. And here’s why: it has 750 springs. That’s twice as many as a standard mattress offers, meaning you can toss and turn as much as you like without disturbing your significant lover – or vice versa. Not bad for a few hundred quid.


If, however, you can’t live without some memory foam in your life, then you need to check out their 3 Zone rolled mattress. Good reviews. Check. Lots of awards. Check. 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon (and with more than 1000 reviews). Check. And the reason it has achieved such high praise from so many people: it has nailed the way it uses the memory foam, opting for a 3 cm layer on top and a further 15cm underneath, which is how all the best memory foam mattresses do it.


Sweet dreams Sealy


For The Middle Of The Range: Sealy


Sealy has become the King of the mid-priced mattress having won enough awards in this category to put Arsenal’s trophy cabinet to shame. Okay, that’s not saying much, so let’s replace Arsenal with someone like, oh I don’t know, Manchester United. Anyway, getting back to all things mattresses, the two you want to be having a gander at are the Casoli-slash-Napoli 1200 and the Teramo-slash-Nostromo 1400.


So, starting in numerical order, the Casoli-slash-Napoli 1200 (which is part of Sealy’s mucho-celebrated Posturepedic Silver Pocket Collection) hasn’t just won any old award, it won a Which? Best Buy! Award. Now, that should be enough to convince you to try one out, but just in case it’s not, this bed features 1200 individual pocket springs encased in a Unicase border, meaning it a) offers truly amazing support and b) won’t sag for a whole lotta years. Oh, and it regulates your temperature, so you’ll get a way better night’s sleep too.


As for the Teramo-slash-Nostromo, this award-winning mattress has 1400 individual pocket springs, which means it offers that little bit more support, especially if you’re slightly bigger than average. What’s more, thanks to the pillow top, you get all the same comforts as the Napoli.


Whichever one you opt for though, you’re guaranteed to be blessed by the spinal aligning, pressure relieving and super comfortable Posturepedic benefits, with the multiple-zoned motion and weight responsive system acting as the cherry on top. We know it sounds complicated but, In Layman’s Terms, it’s basically what dreams are made of.


Hypnos heaven


For The Priceless Mattress: Hypnos


This is the mattress to get if you want to sleep in the same bed as The Queen. That’s right. The Queen. Of England. Lizzie the second. She sleeps on a Hypnos mattress. That’s how good these are. Of course, there are a few different Hypnos ranges, which naturally means there is a healthy dollop of diversity on the price front.


So, for those who aren’t bothered by money and just want to have the best of the best, we recommend you get the Clarence Supreme, which is the jewel in the crown of the Regency Range. It’s exceptional. In terms of comfort and quality, it’s exceptional, and that’s because it uses the Hypnos Ultrasense intelligent spring system. What that means is: there are 17 individual turns in every single spring. But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. This mega-mattress is also lavishly layered in pashmina, bamboo, alpaca and organic wool, meaning it’s incredible at regulating your body heat as you snooze like never before. Oh, and if that’s not enough, there are three rows of hand side-stitching to make sure your mattress lasts for years, if not decades.


If, however, you don’t want to spend £2,000 to £3,000 but still want a Queen-like bed, then try the Hypnos Milford, which is about a third of the price. Sure, your spring count will be lower, but 1200 pocket springs are more than enough to make you smile in your sleep. Like we said, it isn’t as plush as the Clarence Supreme, but it’s still ruddy plush or, to put it into other words, it may not be a Barbour but it’s still a wax coat. It’s still a classic. It still has a tufted top and a damask cover, meaning you can flip it over as regularly as you fancy. And, as we have to mention, it is still made by Hypnos, who didn’t win Manufacturer Of The Year at the National Bed Federation Awards 2017 by sheer luck.


By William, Copper Milk Creative