Want To Sleep In The Same Bed As The Queen?

Sleep in opulence


Considering sleep is the one hobby we all have in common, there are a surprising amount of us who suck at it. We’re talking millions and millions of people yawning as they watch another episode of GBBO on repeat, climbing up the stairs on exhausted legs, slipping into the t-shirt pyjamas they got at last year’s team-building exercise, climbing under the covers and then – bam! – not falling asleep. Instead, yup, it’s another long night of tossing and turning and getting frustrating and all that stuff.


And, you know what, it’s all your mattress’ fault.


Every year, the millions of people we mentioned above decide to a) keep sleeping on their worn, torn and ageing mattress or b) go and buy a low-quality mattress to replace their previous low-quality mattress which, as we think you’ll agree, is a recipe for disaster.


There’s no other way to put it: a good mattress is the best furniture-based investment you will ever make. Ever. Just think about it for a lazy-moment: we spend a third of our lives laying horizontally in our beds. A third of our lives. That’s a huge dollop of time by anyone’s standard.


Our advice: go and get yourself the best mattress the kingdom has to offer.

The problem: what’s the best mattress?

The answer: those made by Hypnos.


Now, we know an overarching statement like that is a really bold call, especially in such a competitive market, but we didn’t say it lightly. In fact, to prove our point, we’ve compiled a whole bunch of reasons that back up our claim:


Regency Clarence


  1. Sleep Like Old Queenie


In the interest of grabbing your attention by the eyeballs, we have to start off with a little bit of social proof, one that involves the Royal Family and Queenie herself. That’s right, Hypnos is the only bed maker that actively supplies all of the Royal residences, from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, St.James’ Palace to Balmoral, Sandringham House to The Palace of Holyroodhouse, and even Kensington Palace too. Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking, “This means Hypnos has also made bespoke beds specifically for visiting dignitaries.” And you’d be right. But that’s not all.


They’ve also shared their knowledge with the Royal Households at Buckingham Palace so that they’re all clued up on the beds and full of knowledge about the importance of sleep. Of course, if that isn’t enough to convince you these beds are great, Hypnos is also the mattress supplier for Premier Inn. That means Lenny Henry has slept on one of these beauties. That’s big.


  1. Craftsmanship Of Yesteryear


Hypnos has been perfecting the art of making luxury pocket-spring beds, by hand, since the Edwardian days, which means Hypnos has over 100 years of expertise behind its name, helping them understand the science of sleep more than anyone else – something you can feel in every one of their mattresses. Why are we telling you this? Because, in a world where nothing is built to last more than a couple of weeks (no offence, Argos), having a bed manufacturer that prides itself on quality and comfort is more refreshing than a glass of ice-cold water and lime to the face.


  1. The Volvo Of Sleep


Before you think we’re dissing Hypnos here, we’re not. In fact, we’re paying them the biggest compliment we possibly could. Yes, we’re aware Volvo had an image for producing beige cars for middle-aged dads, but we’re choosing to ignore that because the truth couldn’t be more opposite. They are the biggest innovators in the car world and a manufacturer that is responsible for so much. Three-point seat belts, rear-facing child safety seats, Lambda Sond, side impact protection, the whiplash protection system, the inflatable curtain, roll-over protection, blind-spot information, automatic braking, pedestrian detection, ABS, run-off road protection and so much more.


They are the unsung heroes of the automotive world, coming up with innovations that are actually useful, which is exactly what Hypnos have done for mattresses, and their latest invention is proof of this. The Three-Zoned ReActive 10 Spring System divides the bed into three distinct sections, each one supporting a different area of the spine. Take the Orthos Cashmere as a prime example: it’s a pocket sprung mattress that reacts to your body’s movements. Each spring is responsive. It’s crazy amazing.


  1. A Bed For Life


In case you weren’t paying attention to anything we said above (which, if you’re a Millennial, is fine, accepted and totally normal), we’ll sum it up for you: Hypnos make super-high quality mattresses; the sort that will last years and years and years without becoming school-custard-lumpy. Yes, they can be a little more expensive than a lot of other mattress-makers out there but a) buying cheap means buying twice and b) buying a Hypnos mattress means your buying a mattress that lasts; it means having a mattress you’ll wake up happy in every single morning (including Monday’s). In fact, Hypnos are so confident of their quality, every one of their products comes with a gorgeous ten year guarantee, which is going to help you get an even sweet night of slumber (not that you’ll need it).


Hypnos Milford


  1. Our Favourite Hypnos Mattresses


For those that aren’t too bothered about the pricetag and just want to end each day on the best of the best, we recommend you get the Clarence Supreme. In no uncertain terms, it’s the jewel in the crown of the Regency Range. In terms of comfort and quality, it’s sublime, and that’s because it uses the Hypnos Ultrasense intelligent spring system (#thevolvoofbeds). What that means is: there are 17 individual turns in every single spring. But that’s not all. This magical mattress is also layered in pashmina, bamboo, alpaca and organic wool, helping it to regulate your body heat while you enjoy the best snooze of your life. Oh, and if that’s not enough, there are three rows of hand side-stitching to make sure your mattress lasts for years, if not decades.

Of course, dropping £2,000 to £3,000 on a bed isn’t everyone’s cup of Earl Grey. That’s where the Hypnos Milford comes in (and at about a third of the price too). Yes, your spring count is slightly lower but, trust us, 1200 pocket springs are more than enough to make you smile in your sleep. Like we said, it isn’t as plush as the Clarence Supreme, but it’s still ruddy plush. It’s still a classic. It still has a tufted top and a damask cover, meaning you can flip it over as regularly as you fancy. And, as we have to mention, it is still made by Hypnos, who didn’t win Manufacturer Of The Year at the National Bed Federation Awards 2017 for no reason.