How To Have A Spare Bed With No Spare Room


Forget having two cars on your driveway, an Amazon Echo’s in every room, a south facing lawn or a job that lets you work from home a couple of days a week – the most underrated-slash-overlooked luxury of modern times is having a spare bed. Fact.


There’s just nothing more belly-warming than being able to accommodate guests for a night or three, whether that’s because you:


  1. Have old university friends looking to break up their road trip from somewhere up North to Cornwall.
  2. Have your granddaughter coming over to stay because if mum and dad don’t get a well-deserved break from all the mayhem you don’t see they may lose their last pinch of sanity.
  3. And your BFF had a few too many glasses (read: bottles) of wine together and them driving home is completely out of the question because they’ve already proved they can’t really walk properly.


The problem is, most of us don’t have a spare bed for people to crash on all willy-nilly. Either the bedrooms you have are all used up by unthankful family members or you live in a one-bedroom apartment. Either way, it can be incredibly tricky to give your guests a comfy place to lay their tired heads and get a good night’s sleep… unless you know how to have a spare bed without a spare room, that is.


Read on to see our top tips on how to make your visitors feel at home without sacrificing any of space…


  1. Bed Over Bed


Of all the genius solutions we’re going to throw your way – and they are genius – the most genius of them all is to simply keep a spare bed under your bed. Think about it for a moment. When you’re pushed for space and then faced with a knock on the door, what could be better than a super-comfy-space-saving-bed that’s super-easy to access? Exactly.


Now, if you’re on a budget, we recommend you just have a mattress hidden behind your valance and leave it at that. If, however, you’re willing to spend a little bit on a pull-out bed, then we recommend something like the Carra Guest Bed.


That said, there is one more clever “bed over bed” storage hack worth knowing about and it’s called the Hypnos Trio Guest Bed; a three-in-one, elegantly upholstered, sleep-easy dreamboat. Anyway, the reason we class this as a clever hack is you can pull out the bottom bed, carry it through to a different room, set it up as you like and give your guest a nice dollop of privacy.


  1. Bunk Up, Baby


The most common form of overnight guest is family. These beautiful people are known for overstaying their welcome, especially if you don’t live that close to one another.


The good news is: nothing is more amazing than putting up family for a bit. It’s a laugh a minute.


The really good news is: family are always happy to bunk-up together. Your thrifty dad has been saving money on holidays by making you all bunk together since you were young whippersnappers, so doing it again is going to be no trouble at all. None of this prima donna “I want my own room” stuff.


Our advice: install a bunk bed into one of your kids’ rooms so that you are constantly ready for a surprise arrival (which will probably be your totally disorganised cousin).


To get the most out of this option, we recommend you go for something like our triple sleeper, which has a double bed on the bottom and a single bed suspended in the air. Or if you don’t fancy that, another great idea is a teepee bed because, more often than not, these have enough space underneath for you to hide away a single mattress.


  1. Sofa King Good


Yup. The sofa bed is making an almighty comeback and rightly so. With a sofa bed, you can turn any room in your house into a multifunctional guest room. With a sofa bed, you can squeeze the most out of your home’s space and enthusiastically shout, “yes, you can totally stay at mine.” With a sofa bed, you get all the benefits of a spare bed without having to sacrifice any of your home.


But here’s the best bit: sofa beds are no longer the uncomfortable, borderline-painful, insomnia-prompting pieces of furniture they always used to be. Oh no. They’ve come a long way from these days. They have blossomed into versatile bits of kit that are – more often than not – just as comfortable and snuggly as a normal bed. And if you don’t have enough space anywhere for a pull-out sofa bed, you can always opt for a daybed instead.


Of course, not all sofa beds are born equal, which is why you need to read our blog post: Happiness is a quick nap on the sofa. You can’t go wrong with this essential guide.


  1. Deep Breath Everyone


If you are really tight for space and only ever have people over for a night-or-so at a time (none of this two-week-stay-over-Christmas stuff), then your best bet is probably an air bed, especially if you get a super-high quality one. Of course, the big bonus with an air bed is storing them.


When deflated, they can be hung on the wall at the back of your garage, rolled into a ball and stuffed beneath your bed or folded-away and popped into your sock drawer – whatever takes your fancy. Just make sure you don’t get a cheapy-one that you have to blow up via the medium of lung-power. That light-headed feeling is never fun, especially after you’ve had a frew to many vinos. Instead, make sure you get an air bed that comes with a pump. Trust us: they are worth their weight in rhodium.


And if all this advice fails, invest in a snuggly duvet, thick pillow and welcome them to your sofa.


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