Here’s How Many Pillows Your Bed Actually Needs.

It only takes one moment of Wikipedia-intrigue to discover there are like a gazillion unsolved mysteries floating about the world. What really happened to the ship called Mary Celeste? Who (and where) is DB Cooper? What is the government hiding in Area 51? How the heck does the brain generate consciousness? Why do Monday mornings suck so much? There are loads of them.


But none will keep you up at night more than: How many pillows do you really need on your bed?


There are people who say two’s company, others who claim three’s a crowd, bed-lovers who celebrate the age-old adage of the more the merrier, and pillow-worshippers that have piles and piles of pillows on every bed, sort of like shrines to the sleep gods. It’s a total mind-mess-around-er.


So, how many pillows do you actually need?


Well, in order to answer this (totally subjective) question once and for all, we’ve been out on the proverbial streets with a metaphorical clipboard and the results are in – woo woo.


Sleep alone, in a single bed, and don’t like much fluff: One pillow.


Sleep alone in a double (or bigger) bed, and don’t like fluff: One on each side.


Sleep on your tod, but love a dollop of extra head support: Grab two pillows.


Share your bed with a puppy-slash-pooch: Three. One on each side, and an extra one just in case.


Share your bed with another human: Go with at least two pillows.


Sleep next to someone who’s a super-snorer: Four. One for you to sleep on, one for them to sleep on, and two that can be sellotaped to each side of your head as makeshift ear defenders.


Bed-sharing-pillow-cuddler: Four to six. One or two to rest your head on, and another one to wrap your arms around.


Work from homer: Six. One to prop against the wall as a back support. One for your head and neck. Two to be used as armrests. One to rest your breakfast (and then laptop) on. And one in case you need to rejiggle yourself when you get the dreaded numb-bum.


Netflix Addict: Five (for each person in the bed). Three to prop you upright, one to rest your laptop or remote control on, and one to keep your nacho/popcorn/Pringle bowl at the perfect height.


Wannabe interior designers and bedtime routine-ers: Nine. Unless you have a thing for even numbers, in which case eight or ten. And a pretty storage ottoman. Then stack them on your bed according to size and/or colour, and try out different variations when you sleep.


Refuse-to-grow-up-pillow-fort-makers: At least twelve pillows. But the more the merrier. Then, once your fluffy palace has been constructed, send us a snap of it on Instagram.


The point is: Everyone has different preferences. In life. Some people like Marmite and some people loathe it. Some people voted for Brexit and the rest of the world didn’t. It’s all about choosing what is right for you. But, when it comes to picking the perfect number of pillows to get a glorious night’s sleep, It’s all about the firmness. You want a pillow that’s going to keep your neck and spine aligned and that means you want as many (or as few) pillows to prevent a gap forming between your neck and your mattress. There. It’ simple really.


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Content by the Copper Milk Creative Team.