A Super No-Nonsense Guide To Cleaning Your Mattress

Look, as sucky as it is to remind you of this little fact, it’s winter, meaning the days are shorter, and colder, and the moon is out longer. But there is a silver lining to this glum news — you get to spend more time in bed (probably with your duvet wrapped around you so that you’re sort of like the friendly filling in a bedding version of a Gregg’s Veggie Sausage Roll).


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a SilentNight mattress that’s nearing its retirement age or you’ve just bought a Hypnos sleep platform, nothing beats those winter blue feelings more than snuggling up in bed, putting your blackout blind to good use, and binge-watching You on Netflix.


The only teeny-tiny issue is, well, the more you use your bed, the more need there is to wash your bedding and, yup, that includes cleaning your mattress too.


This Isn’t Just A Matter Of Happy Hygiene Either…

Okay, so the most anti-yukky reason to regularly clean your mattress is to do with your hygiene. But it’s also to do with keeping your mattress happy n’ healthy. We’ll be the first to admit that stains, odours, and general wear n’ tear are part and parcel of spending a third of your life in bed. But – and it’s a big old Kim K sized but – with regular care and cleaning, you can actually help your mattress live a long, fruitful and fresher life, which is good news for you because it will mean you enjoy better sleep. It’s a double (or maybe even a triple) whammy. So, without further ado, here are some easy mattress care tips…


Let’s Talk Washing Your Bedding…

We don’t want to point fingers at anyone and grimace, but you should kinda try and change (and wash) your bedding every week. They’re not like boys boxer shorts where you can flip them them and then inside out them. To keep your sleep room as clean and fresh as possible, you need to change your bedding every week — and that’s when you can clean your bed. With the sheets off, try and remember where you left your vacuum and then take a few minutes to gently hoover your mattress and frame using that weird vacuum tool you’ve never used before — that’s your upholstery tool. Just as a little warning, there’s going to be a surprising amount of dust and dead skin come up. Oh and, yeah, remember to be gentle because the fabric will be pretty delicate.


Belfast Bed Top Tip: Once you’re done, go and make a cuppa tea, and let your mattress air for a bit before you slap another load of sheets on it.


Protect Your Mattress Better…

Ready for some good news: you can protect your mattress from getting dirty, smelly and unhygienic — you just need to buy a machine washable mattress protector, and then put it on (NB: it won’t do anything if you store it in the bottom of your wardrobe). What these better-than-sliced-bread inventions do is keep your mattress clean, stop any surface stains from getting too attached to your mattress, and make accidental stains waaaayyy easier to remove. Just make sure you let your topper totally dry out after you wash it. If you don’t, you’ll be putting a damp topper on your mattress and that’s a) not going to be nice to sleep on and b) going to make your mattress mouldy.


Belfast Bed Top Tip: To add a dollop of luxuriousness to your bed, invest in a super-soft, cloud-like memory foam topper. Totally worth it.


Removing Nasty Little Stains From Your Mattress…

Stains happen. They’re not ideal. It could be you have a toddler that’s starting to shed their nappies, or you wanted to have a romantic night in bed and knocked over the red wine, or you had Man Flu (it’s a real thing) and sweat so much in your sleep that you became covered in that thin film of grossness. Whatever the case, the sooner you can tackle stains, the better. That’s not to say it’s impossible to remove older stains, but it’s about 350% easier when they’re fresh.


The things you’ll need…

  • A biggish bucket
  • 1 litre hot water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • A bar of white soap (it can be cheap if you like)
  • One of those nice to touch microfibre cleaning cloth
  • A toothbrush (preferably one you’re happy to throw away afterward)
  • A clean and dry towel


The technique you’ll require…

Step 1: If the spillage literally just happened, get some kitchen roll (we should have put that on our “things you’ll need list”) and blot up as much of the whateveritis as you can before cleaning.


Step 2: Grab your bucket, pour in the litre of hot water, and then add the white vinegar


Step 3: Dunk the microfibre cloth into the cleaning cocktail, but make sure you wring it out well or you’ll soak the mattress and that’s just a nightmare.


Step 4: Get your bar of soap and rub it onto the damp, vinegar-y cloth.


Step 5: Get a tight grip on the damp, soapy, vinegar-y cloth and give the stain a good old scrub. If there are any super-tough bits, dip your toothbrush into the cleaning cocktail and have at it.


Step 6: It’s time to rinse the cloth in the cleaning cocktail, wring it out again, and then attack the stain one more. This will help remove the soap suds you added to the equation. If the stains are old or intense, you may find yourself repeating this process quite a few times, but that’s cool. It’s worth it.


Step 7: Now that you’ve got the stain out (or reduced it to a pathetic shade of beige), you’ll want to grab your clean n’ dry towel and rub the patch to soak up any wetness, making your mattress nice and dry.


The Final Step: Walk away. Yup. Now that you’ve put your back into, all that’s left to do is leave the mattress to air-dry before you make the bed. Like we said before, it wants to be completely dry (hello hair-dryer) or else you could encourage mould to pop up.


Belfast Beds Top Tip: This technique works best for pocket-sprung mattresses. Memory foam ones can be a bit crumbly when wet, so make sure you check the care labels first.


Flip Your Mattress More Often…

Typically, us human beans spend around a third of our lives in bed (less if you’re a new parent and about double that if you’re a teenager-slash-student), so it’s pretty normal for your mattress to suffer from some wear and sagging over time. But, there is something you can do to help — and that’s flipping your mattress regularly. This will make sure the wear is evenly distributed throughout its life, ergo it lasts longer. Just go steady, Hulk. Most decent mattresses are super-duper-heavy, so make sure you call in some help before you attempt the flip.



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