10 Awesome Movies Perfect For Falling Asleep To


Don’t get us wrong, we love movies. We love them more than we love eggy bread on a Sunday morning and artisan coffee from a quiet café. But these days we need to be in a very specific mood to actually make it through a film. A whole film.


We’re not sure if it’s an age thing, but there’s a certain level of tiredness that overcomes us in the hours between getting home from work and going to bed. You probably know it. Deep down, you want to pop on that 9 o’clock film (because it’s Die Hard 2 and when was the last time you saw Die Hard 2), but you’re just way too beat. Not quite ready to pass out, but close. And it’s a great feeling. It’s what we call the “zone out” feeling, when all you want to do is eat hearty meals (yeah, microwavable meals can sometimes be hearty), stare at everyone’s Instastories, and watch reality TV shows, scared that if you watch an epic movie you’ll get post-movie insomnia where your brain doesn’t stop whirring.


Thankfully, there are some movies that have the opposite effect. Movies that are so slow and sleepy they’ll help you get some early shuteye while you’re lounging on the sofa, and who doesn’t love falling asleep on the sofa? No one.


So, without further ado, here are 10 films that are great for falling asleep in front of and getting a (mildly) unwanted early night.


Gone With The Wind (1939)

We like this film, but it’s still a total snooze fest. It’s 220 minutes of romance, which is roughly 130 minutes more romance that we can handle at any one time. But the snail’s pace does make it perfect for getting some sleep before you’re ready to admit you want your Hypnos mattress.


Big Fish (2003)

This movie is an actual bedtime story, which makes us wonder whether anyone has ever made it past the 22-minute mark.


Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)

This is a) one of the greatest movies of all time and b) one of the greatest movies for falling asleep to. It’s the scenery and the close-ups and long harmonica solos. It’s like the movie version of a lullaby. It’s a movie masterpiece that doubles up as a visual sleeping pill. It’s amazing.


Lord Of The Rings (All Of Them)

Alright, calm down. We’re not disputing the fact these films are amazing. Probably one of the greatest trilogies ever. There’s awesome fight scenes, treachery, suspense, badass elves and all the wide angle shots of New Zealand you could want. But there are still some scenes that require two cans of Red Bull or you’ll end up yawning a dozen times. We love those scenes.


Finding Dory (2016)

This movie is soooo tranquil. Set in the ocean and featuring Ellen DeGeneres’ voice, it’s like listening to someone tell a story through a white noise machine. Plus, the plot is super-linear. It’s about a forgetful fish looking for her parents, so when you’re done scrolling Instagram and ordering a Chinese takeaway, you can drift off guessing what the ending will entail. It’s the ultimate “zone out” movie.


Twilight (2008)

When you’re brain is so tired you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, you’ll want to put on Twilight, which is basically a psychedelic dream. A really simple one. It’s about a girl who likes to purse her lips falling in love with a 900-year-old vampire who has glittery skin, and they both talk like they’re out of breath, which is pretty soothing actually. Put it on and be rocked to sleep by the sound of wind rushing through trees and Edward Cullen being shy.


Inception (2010)

This is one of our favourite films. Ever. It’s trippy, genius, exciting, layered, entertaining and full of Leo DiCaprio — and for that reason, you’ll only be able to fall asleep to this if you’ve already seen it. But, come one, it’s a film about people falling into deep sleeps. It’s basically Leo running around in dreamland, and who doesn’t want to join that slumber party?


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

The thing about choosing a film to nod off to (and then making that sleepy 2am walk up the stairs to your Silentnight bed) is choosing a film you’ve already seen, but has sleepy undertones that smooth out the insomniac part of your brain. That’s this film. It’s great… and confusing… and sleepy.


Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Before you get all worked up (which won’t be good for your sleep), we have a very solid reason why the highest rated film of all time is a good one to sleep to: it has Morgan Freeman in it, and Morgan Freeman’s voice is more soothing than jungle rain on a Velux window. Yes, using that logic, every film with Morgan Freeman talking is a good film for dropping off.


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This is definitely one you’ll want to get into your pyjamas for. It’s good. Great even. A masterpiece of moviemaking. And the film burns through the finish line like the first firework of New Year’s Eve. But the slow, slow drift of its beginning is the perfect way to shoo away the final strands of insomnia.


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