9 Genuinely Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Mattress

We’ve all had one of those nights where we can’t sleep because our brain has decided to project a smorgasbord of random thoughts onto the underside of eyelids which, apart from Alexa playing Baby Shark on repeat, is the actual worst. But instead of counting sheep, which is ridiculously boring, why not swap the random thoughts keeping you awake for some mattress facts.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “that’s a great idea — mattresses are soooo uninteresting, trite and tiresome I’ll be bored to sleep in no time.” But that’s not quite true. Mattresses are actually pretty awesome. No. They’re epic. They’re mind-blowing.


Of course, that probably won’t help you drift off. But when you’re brain’s doing that annoying thing of not switching off, all you can really do is DIY your own herb pillow and make yourself a sleepy snack – and you’re gonna want something to think about while you’re doing both those things.


So, without further ado, here’s a bunch of fun facts about mattresses that will help top up the bit of your brain that stores all your pub quiz knowledge. Is that awesome or is that awesome?


  1. “Mattress Dominoes” Is Listed In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Yup. You read that right. In the summer of 2016, a Chinese company broke the world record by tipping 2,016 humans-slash-mattresses, nabbing the record off Aaron’s Inc. (which is obviously a U.S. company) who’d held the record of 1,200 mattress-dominoes for just a matter of months. And how it works is exactly how you’re picturing it – it’s just like normal dominoes, but with mattresses and people. Each mattress is stood upright, with a human in front. Once all the mattresses (and people) are in position, the first mattress-person combo is pushed over and – WOOHOO – the good-times are a rolling.


  1. The Word ‘Mattress’ Is Arabic, And It Means ‘Throw’

Bedding hasn’t always been awesome. It used to be sucky, especially way back in history. Basically, us westerners were sleeping on a load of straw held together by the coarsest binding money could buy. But then came the Crusades, which is when we discovered those in the Middle East were blissfully snoring away on comfy mattresses. Okay, maybe not mattresses per se, but cushions. Comfy cushions. Or Matrah as they called them, which literally translates as “throw”. Mind. Blown.


  1. Your Mattress Will Double In Weight After a Decade

If you thought stepping on the scales after Christmas was bad, try being a ten-year-old mattress. These suckers have been known to double their own body weight in that time – and the reason is kinda gross. All that extra weight is thanks to buildup of dust mites, human sweat, and dead skin cells. It’s no wonder you struggle so much to flip it over. It’s also no wonder you need to pop into the Belfast Bed Superstore and get yourself a new mattress — one without all the dust mites and sweat and flaky skin bits.


  1. You’re Not Allowed To Buy A Mattress In Washington On A Sunday

It doesn’t get much weirder than this but, for some reason, the state of Washington made it illegal for anyone to purchase a mattress on any given Sunday. Whether that means you’d be swarmed by a bunch of FBI agents at the checkout, we’re not sure. But we probably wouldn’t take any chances. Thankfully, you can order a mattress from our online store on any day of the week and avoid the risk of getting tasered, which is cool.


  1. Mattresses Used To Be Supported By Ropes

Remember when you were a kid and your Mum used to always say, “Sleep tight, sweetiepie,”? Well, that phrase originates from a time long-before pocket-springs were invented, when mattresses were suspended on wooden frames by cross-woven ropes. Because of this, people would have to constantly tighten their mattress ropes before bed or risk sleeping on a saggy mattress, and no one wants to sleep on a saggy mattress.


  1. Making Your Bed Might Be Really Unhealthy

We don’t want you to think you wasted hours and hours of your childhood making your bed every morning because you’re mum asked you to, but it might have been a total waste of time. Don’t get us wrong – a well-made bed looks neat and tidy and declutters your mind (yeah, we’ve watched Marie Kondo too) – but there’s research to suggest an unmade bed could be healthier, and it kinda makes sense. When you make the bed, you’re trapping sweat and moisture in the mattress, creating the perfect environment for dust mites to do their thang. But if you leave it unmade and exposed to the open air and natural sunlight, your mattress will dry out and kill a bunch of these pesky dust mites.


  1. 6 Billion Dust Mites Is A Whole Lotta Dust Mites

Before you run off and set your bedroom on fire, we should probably let you know that these little guys aren’t really a problem. Well, not unless you have allergies. If you have allergies, then they’re a pretty massive problem. Either way, knowing you’re sharing your bed with millions (if not billions) of dust mites isn’t ideal. But there is a solution. Flip your mattress regularly, vacuum it more than you probably do and, yup, upgrade your mattress at least every 6 years.


  1. Fitted Sheets Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The year was 1958, and people everywhere were battling with hospital corners and whatnot. But then came Berta Berman. This lady invented the fitted sheet and made the world a better place. She’s a legend. Fact.


  1. Your Mattress Can Be Recycled

Way too many people think their old mattress is another piece of useless old junk that needs to be chunked into landfill at the end of its life – but that’s not the case. There’s actually a ton of ways you can recycle your old sleeping buddy. Check if your retailer offers a buyback program, donate it to a homeless shelter, put it on Facebook Marketplace for free, or you could even upcycle it. The choice is totally yours and you’ll get to rest easy knowing you’re an eco-conscious mattress savant.


Thanks for reading! For more sleeping tips and bed buying tricks, follow us on Facebook and start stalking our #bedroomgoals on Instagram. Who knows, you may even pick up some pub quiz knowledge along the way — and nothing is better than pub quiz knowledge.