16 Ridiculously Good Reasons To Stay In Bed This Spring

Oh, this? It’s just an article full of totally legitimate reasons to stay in bed today.

If there’s one thing we love more than beds, it’s bed-lovers. People who love their bed more than (pretty much) anything else in their world. People who see their bed as their happy place, which is exactly what beds are They have that feel-good factor. They’re the perfect blend of blankets, sheets, mattresses and pillows. They’re what make winter our favourite time of the year, where we dedicate entire weekends to staying warm beneath the covers and repeatedly asking the Deliveroo driver if they could, “bring the food upstairs, please?”


But then spring arrives and all we can think is, “Urgh.” Not that we don’t like spring – we do. We just don’t like how guilty spring makes us feel, which it does with its rays of sunshine and fresh flowers and the pressure to get up and do stuff.


Luckily for you, we’ve been busy thinking up legitimate reasons to prolong your hibernation and thus stay in your happy place (go us!). So, without further ado, here are a bunch of reasons that escape all guilty feelings and make staying in bed a really, really awesome idea:


  1. Netflix has all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and you’re only 99.5% sure you’ve seen every episode. Trust us, no one can expect you to operate in the real world with that uncertainty hanging over you.


  1. You recently bought a Hypnos mattress and it feels like a marshmallow made of clouds, cotton wool, the bottom of a newborn’s foot and a beach cabana, which the floors outside your bed do not.


  1. Getting out of your lovely, warm bed means braving the cold air and wriggling your way into skinny jeans or a suit, and neither of those things are as comfy or cosy as a pyjamas.


  1. Game of Thrones is coming out soon, which you can’t watch in your garden anyway because the sun’s glare is too bright, so you may as well watch it from your bed (and catch up on the previous series while you’re waiting).


  1. As far as we can tell, sleep isn’t available in tablet form yet – but Vitamin D is.


  1. You read somewhere that your mattress needs replacing every seven years, and there’s every chance you wrote what date you got your current mattress somewhere on your mattress, so you should probably stay in bed and find out where.


  1. And if it turns out you’ve had your mattress for more than seven years, you should probably read about how to clean (and recycle) it so that you don’t do the world anymore harm for no reason.


  1. You can also buy a new mattress on our online store, so there’s no point getting out of bed to go mattress shopping either (unless you want to enjoy our 10% in-store discount).


  1. It’s not that you don’t believe your grandma’s stories about bed bugs, it’s that you’ve never actually seen any, unlike actual bugs, which live outside – literally everywhere – meaning you’re better of taking your chances in bed.


  1. You’ve already suffered through enough early mornings to last you an eternity, which hurts because, deep down, you’re a good person that probably deserves a day in bed.


  1. Your alarm just woke you up from the best dream you’ve ever had, one that could change the world for the better, and if you fall asleep right now there’s every chance you’ll fall back into the same dream. Maybe. Either way, you owe it to the future of the world to try.


  1. You accept that summer is right around the corner and you should probably get in shape for it, but you’re more comfortable lying in bed where no one can tell where your body ends and your duvet begins.


  1. There’s a lot of people you don’t want to run into outside, but there’s only you in your bed and you quite like you.


  1. It’s 2019. Your employer should be promoting remote-working, and if they’re not, this is your chance to lead a peaceful protest from your safe place.


  1. And if you do get fired, at least you’re in the best place to work on your CV in a relaxed state of mind.


  1. You’ve only just discovered the Belfast Beds blog and Instagram and, well, bed is the best place for a dedicated scrolling session. (And if you’re already fans of these, what about reading up on some genuinely mind-blowing facts about mattresses?)


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