Now *This* Is How To Plan The Best Sleep Of Your Life

It’s time to get the best sleep you’ve ever had with these bits of advice.



If there is one thing we should all be experts at by now, it’s sleeping. Are we right? We do it every day, for like 7 hours, usually after noticing the smorgasbord of sleepy signals our body has been giving us, from heavy eyelids, to yawns so big they are physically impossible, to giggling uncontrollably at things that would usually fall into the “mildly funny” category.


So why is it that getting a good night’s sleep is so hard?


There you are, all ready to settle down for the night, only to discover it’s not as easy as closing your eyes and pretending you’re asleep until you actually fall asleep. The world just never seems to quit buzzing around you. Your favourite WhatsApp group is going off, your least favourite manager is still infiltrating your emails, the temptation of Instagram is too much and, for some reason, despite having slept at some point every day since the day you were born, you still don’t know what to do with your arms. The point is: getting a solid sleep is not easy to come by.


Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. And to prove it, we held a meeting for our (official title) ‘Snooze Experts’ at the Belfast Bed Superstore HQ to help deliver a list of tips, tricks and simple habits that will help you enjoy the. best. sleep. ever.


From leaving your smartphone downstairs to tweaking your thermostat, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy an overnight stay at Dreamland.


  1. Set A Bedtime Alarm


In the same way braking gradually is better for your car than slamming on the brakes at the last-second, bringing your day to an abrupt stop each evening isn’t ideal. It’s a way better idea to set an alarm an hour before *your normal bedtime as a little reminder to start unwinding (*yes, adults are allowed to have a bedtime). Once that goes off, remove the blue light from your phone, turn down the lights, put down your screens, pick up a book, run yourself a bath, eat one of these sleep-inducing snacks and just start slipping into a relaxing routine each night.


  1. Escape All Electronics


Believe it or not, shining a bright blue light into your eye(s) from a distance of two inches isn’t the best way to prepare yourself for slumber. In fact, staring at any type of bright screen while sat in a dark room is a surefire way to overstimulate your brain at the worst possible time. It doesn’t matter what you’re using your screen for – trawling social media, catching up on work, playing video games, watching Netflix – they’re all mega-stimulating. And this is because the blue light emitted by electronic devices are known to suppress melatonin – the hormone that helps you sleep. Basically, all that Tweeting can wait til morning.


  1. Revel In A Routine


You might not be able to hear the ticks or the tocks, but there’s a giant clock inside you – a human clock – and that clock loves routine. It loves knowing when you’re going to eat, when you’re going to sleep and when you’re going to wake up. With that in mind, one of the best things you can do is try and keep to a daily routine, going to bed at the same time every day (on those days that it’s possible). Do this and your biological clock will know exactly when it’s time to start releasing more melatonin and that’s what you need.


  1.  Turn Your Thermostat To “Sleep”


If life is all about the little things, then it makes sense as to why we love cranking the AC to “Elsa From Frozen” whenever we enter a hotel room. But it’s not just because we love wrapping ourselves up in a duvet and falling asleep in an igloo, it’s to do with the science. By tweaking your thermostat to 18 degrees, you’re setting yourself up a great kip. And the reason is simple: when you’re too hot, you’re body struggles to regulate your temperature as well, and that’s what makes you toss and turn until dawn. Ergo, sleeping in a chilly room is the secret to a deep sleep you’ve been hoping for.


  1. Distract Yourself To Sleep


We’ve all had those nights where we just can’t stop our brain from whirring. Sometimes it’s churning up random thoughts, other times it’s worried about the big presentation you’ve got in the morning and, on occasion, the extra large Papa John’s pizza can be to blame. Whatever it is, though, when your brain won’t switch off, the best thing you can do is to do something else entirely. Get up, make yourself a decaf green tea, read that book you almost started last summer, listen to a story on the Calm app – anything that will distract you from the frustration that is you not sleeping. And here’s the best bit: it will also boost your chances of slipping off to slumberland when you do slip into bed again.


  1. Treat Yourself


One of the easiest mistakes to make is believing quantity of sleep matters more than the quality. That’s where your mattress swoops in. If you’ve got an old mattress that’s forgotten how to give you the support you need, then even a solid eight hours of shuteye might not have you waking up feeling restful. And it’s not just back pain. Not being able to get comfy falls in the same bracket. So does sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm or too soft for your preferences. And the same goes for sleeping on a pocket-sprung number when a memory foam one would be better. Basically, your mattress matters when it comes to sleep. So why not pop onto our website, or step into our store, and treat yourself to that one piece of furniture you use more than any other – a mattress. We know, we know, “When you put it like that, wow.”


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