We have a large range of different headboard styles with multiple fabrics to chose from to create an ideal aesthetic for any bedroom.

Emily (Floor Standing )
Hypnos Emily (Floor Standing ) from£579.00
Eleanor (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Eleanor (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Fiona (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Fiona (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Francesca (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Francesca (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Grace (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Grace (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Harriett (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Harriett (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Isobella (Floor Standing )
Hypnos Isobella (Floor Standing ) from£609.00
Josephine (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Josephine (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Petra (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Petra (Floor Standing) from£609.00
Millbrook Ritz from£629.00
Ritz Floor Standing
Mammoth Ritz Floor Standing from£629.00
Alexandra (Floor Standing )
Hypnos Alexandra (Floor Standing ) from£659.00
Regal Extra Height Floor Standing
Relyon Regal Extra Height Floor Standing from£749.00
Victoria (Euro-slim)
Hypnos Victoria (Euro-slim) from£879.00
Millbrook Romsey from£949.00
Katherine (Euro-slim)
Hypnos Katherine (Euro-slim) from£1,159.00
Sophia (Floor Standing)
Hypnos Sophia (Floor Standing) from£1,199.00
Louisa (Euro-slim)
Hypnos Louisa (Euro-slim) from£1,259.00
Charlotte (Floor Standing )
Hypnos Charlotte (Floor Standing ) from£1,379.00
Amelia (Euro-slim)
Hypnos Amelia (Euro-slim) from£1,429.00