We have a large range of different headboard styles with multiple fabrics to chose from to create an ideal aesthetic for any bedroom.

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Highgrove Saturn
Showroom Clearance Highgrove Saturn from£89.00
Square (24 inch Strutted)
Belfast Beds Square (24 inch Strutted) from£89.00
Cygnus Strutted (21 inch )
HighGrove Cygnus Strutted (21 inch ) from£149.00
Gemini Strutted (26 inch )
HighGrove Gemini Strutted (26 inch ) from£149.00
Saturn Strutted (21 inch )
HighGrove Saturn Strutted (21 inch ) from£149.00
Contour Strutted
Relyon Contour Strutted from£159.00
Highgrove Taurus - 4ft 6(Double) - Floor Standing
Showroom Clearance Highgrove Taurus - 4ft 6(Double) - Floor Standing from£159.00
Showroom Clearance Sutton from£159.00
Sealy Deep Button
Showroom Clearance Sealy Deep Button from£189.00
Belfast beds Cube
Showroom Clearance Belfast beds Cube from£219.00
Aquarius Floor Standing
HighGrove Aquarius Floor Standing from£229.00
Pegasus Floor Standing
HighGrove Pegasus Floor Standing from£229.00
Hypnos Grace
Showroom Clearance Hypnos Grace from£299.00
Hypnos Emily
Showroom Clearance Hypnos Emily from£309.00